Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cool Music Website: Choose a Playlist Based On Your Mood

I've been a fan of Pandora for a long time...a website that plays music for you for free, and tailors what is played based on what you like.  (You tell it whether you liked or disliked the song they just played, and you gradually get your own customized "stations" to listen to)

So, when I heard about this other free music website I had to check it out.  It's called "Stereo Mood." This site plays music based on how you're feeling (ie. happy) , what you're doing (ie. spring cleaning) , or even what the weather is like outside (ie. it's raining or sunny).  You can select from a list of popular "moods" on the home page, or search for your own current mood.

I love using these kinds of websites as they always help me find some cool new song I've never heard or obscure artist, and then I can add it to my list of music to buy next time I'm on iTunes!

So next time you're stuck on the computer and are looking for something new to pump into your headphones, check it out!  You just might find a new favorite artist or song!

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