Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lego Birthday Party Ideas

I LOVE doing creative birthday parties, so this Lego birthday invitation idea really caught my eye (via Inhabitots). 

It got me thinking about one of my nieces who had a Lego themed party, and how fun it would be to do a Lego party for Sammy.  So, I thought I'd do some web surfing for more fun ways to incorporate this theme into a birthday party.  I admit I'm collecting and posting these links for my own use later on, but thought you'd also enjoy!

LEGO Minifigure Cake Mold 852708If you want to go the insanely expensive route, you can get this great cake mold in the shape of a Lego man.  When my super creative sister did her daughter's Lego party, she made her own cake that turned out great.  She used a rectangular cake as the base for a giant Lego brick shaped cake, attached cupcakes to the top for the "bumps," and frosted the whole thing one color.  Very cute, and no special pans needed! 

Want to take the theme to the extreme?  How about Lego shaped ice cubes?  The cool thing about this Lego shaped ice cube tray, is that you can also use it to make little chocolate Lego bricks, like Lisa Smiley did as cute, edible cupcake toppers!

I remember my sister also had some great Lego shaped fruit snacks for the kids to munch on at the party, as well as take home in their goodie bags.

Here are some more fun ideas for goodie bags or party game prizes, like edible candy blocks that actually snap together, Lego brick stickers, or small lego sets like cars and people.

Concord Candy Blox, Build'Em & Eat'Em- Assorted Fruit Flavor, 1 LbLego Epoxy Stickers, Classic/BricksLEGO City Car (3177)LEGO City MiniFigure Collection (8401)

Here are some fun Lego themed napkins, although just some bright, primary colored ones would do just fine too.

LEGO® Ville Napkins (16) Party Supplies

Here's another blogger who threw a great Lego party, and I loved this idea to make your own decorations out of the Legos themselves:

Here's another creative mom blogger who held a Lego party, with a great idea of making a Lego shaped pinata filled with Legos, home made decorations, and coloring sheets for the kids to do.

This blogger had a cool idea for a mailbox topper, to let the guests know which house the Lego party is at, along with many other great ideas to make yourself for your Lego party!  I love the idea of having the kids build Lego cars and race them for prizes!  I also liked their idea of just frosting a regular cake, and using actual Legos to decorate the top.

You can also do a regular shaped cake and top it with these cute Lego brick shaped candles.

If your birthday boy or girl really does love Legos, a fun gift idea for them would be a set of these cute Lego silverware.  They can be used at the party, and then for mealtimes to come, as a great reminder of their awesome party!
Snack & Stack Silverware

This site lists a bunch of great ideas for Lego themed parties too, including some great ideas for games and recycled, home-made decorations.

Of course, like just about any licensed character/product out there, you can buy a big themed pack of Lego party supplies, but I think it's way more fun to do your own if you can find the time!

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