Monday, November 29, 2010

How I Coped With Gestational Diabetes...over Thanksgiving & Christmas!

It was about this time of year last year, just before the start of the great food triangle of Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s, when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

With my first son, I passed the glucose test no problem.  So, when I just barely failed the 1 hour test with my 2nd baby, I was sure I'd pass the 3-hour test.  But, to my surprise, despite having absolutely no risk factors for diabetes, I just barely failed that one, and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD).  I guess they really mean it when they say that every pregnancy is different! (Side note: For you moms who think you can "cram" for your test by cutting out sugar for days before...don't bother.  Your body processes sugars however it processes sugars, and you can't alter your results.  Plus, why would you even want to do that?  For your baby's health's sake you need an accurate test result!!!) 

From there I was sent into a room where a nurse came in and said, "so you have gestational diabetes...any questions?"  Uh, yeah...I pretty much had so many questions that I didn't even know what questions to ask!

After attending a class on GD with several other pregnant women at a clinic, I was sent home with a lot of information to "digest."  While I was certain I could do it, it was all a bit overwhelming at first.  How would I possibly be able to follow such a strict diet while having pregnancy cravings? How am I supposed to know how many carbs are in the recipes I make?  How can I possibly test my blood 2-4 times a day when the thought of needles made me queasy?  And why did I have to get this diagnosis during the hardest possible time to diet of the year...from just before Thanksgiving until just after Christmas?!  

Well, if you're a mom, chances are you will do literally anything for your children, including counting carbs and pricking your finger, and that's just what I did.  It's amazing how your little one can motivate you to do whatever it takes to keep him or her healthy!  It was a tough transition at first, but I found a few things that helped me to get through my last 10 weeks of pregnancy. 

There were a couple things that I found really interesting or surprising that I learned from my GD class:

1) The amount of carbs shown on the nutrition label is the total amount of all types of sugars in that food item.  I didn't realize this was really a sugar count...maybe if you've done the Atkins diet you'd already know this, but it was a new one for me, and I was glad that I could so easily look up how much sugar I was having by looking at the label and serving size.

2) You still NEED sugar! I already guessed that having too much sugar would send too much to baby, making baby gain weight.  What I didn't realize was that having too FEW carbs would also send "ketones" to the baby, also making baby gain weight.

I was not supposed to cut out ALL sugar.  Actually, I was SUPPOSED to have sugar...I just had to have a specific amount of grams at specific times of the day.  This is why you have to make sure to have snacks every 2-3 hours throughout the day between prevent your body from sending ketones to baby. 

Ketostix Reagent Strips, 100-Count Box

Ketones are things that your body releases when you haven't eaten in a while...when your food's all digested and your body starts to break down your fat stores.  For the first few weeks, I was given Ketostix test strips to pee on each morning, which tested my ketone levels.  This was to make sure I was not releasing too many overnight, since that's the longest you go without eating.  Having some protein at night in your bedtime snack helps your body last longer through the night.  I rarely had a high or low ketone reading so I didn't have to test the entire 10 weeks.  But, one time when I got deathly sick and spent Christmas eve and Christmas day throwing up everything I put in for 2 days, my ketones tested off the chart.  So, being forced not to eat for 2 days assured me that yes, your ketones do in fact go up if you aren't eating enough!

3) Fattening stuff didn't matter.  Well, of course, if you only eat fattening foods, it's not good for you or baby.  But as far as my GD was concerned, since I only had to count sugars, and was not overweight anyway, I didn't even have to count things like fat or calories in my diet tracking, just carbs.  At the same time, I had to watch out for foods that I normally thought were good for me to eat tons of, like peas, milk, and fruit.  It seems really backwards, doesn't it?!  Yet I actually LOST several pounds in the first week or two, even while my baby was growing, and leveled off for the rest of my pregnancy.

Here are a few things that helped me get through my 10 weeks of a GD diet...

• Remind yourself that it's only 10 weeks.  Yes, it can seem like an eternity when you're just ready for baby to come, but just knowing that there's an end in sight was a great help to me.  Knowing that I could go back to "normal" once baby arrived gave me a little extra strength to get through it (that and knowing I had my own stash of Christmas cookies and other treats in the freezer, waiting until baby arrives!)

• Get a watch with a timer – It makes it easier to remind yourself an hour after eating that it’s time to check your glucose, especially when on the go.  At home I used my microwave’s timer, but then a microwave is not so travel-sized. ;-)

Pentel Mini R.S.V.P. Ball Point Pens, 1.0 Millimeter Medium Tip, Assorted Ink Colors, 8-Pack (BK91MNBP8M)Carolina Pad Mini Marble Composition Book, 4.5 x 3.25 Inches, 80 Sheets, Colors May Vary (90770)
• Get a mini pen and paper pad – I found some great little, tiny notebooks in the dollar bins at Michael’s and used a mini pen that all fit inside my testing kit.  While I only was required to keep a food journal for a couple weeks to show a nurse, I kept it up the entire 10 weeks.  I wrote down every meal and snack, along with my test results and times they were taken.  It came in handy just to remember what I had last and when I had to eat again, as it can be harder to keep track of these things while also chasing a toddler around!
The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2011

• The Calorie King – Spend less than $10 for this great little pocket sized book. It gives you the carbs (and other nutritional info) for foods, including menu items in all kinds of chain restaurants.  This makes it easy to figure out what you can order on your way to the restaurant, rather than having to ask for nutritional info everywhere you go. I also liked being able to look up what menu items I could order in the car on the way, sparing me from asking for nutritional info and taking forever to order once we got there.  This gets easier over time, I promise.  If you have restaurants you visit regularly, it’ll only take one or two trips and you’ll already know what is safe to order.

• Modify your Current Snacks – Look up your already favorite cravings and figure out how to still have them. One of my favorite bedtime snacks is a graham cracker with peanut butter spread on it, and topped with chocolate chips.  It sounds weird, but is actually really good, and is a great way to satisfy my chocolate-peanut-butter cravings.  So, I figured out how many carbs were in a cracker, switched to natural peanut butter (without all the sugar...but now that's all I eat because I like it better!), and how many tablespoons of chocolate chips I could put on top.  I found a glass that held exactly as much milk as I needed to fill in my remaining carbs needed so I wouldn’t have to always use a measuring cup.  What I thought I originally had to cut out altogether, turned out to be just the perfect snack for me at bedtime...just the right amount of sugar, and some protein to get me through the night without dropping my ketones.  It only took one time to figure this out, and then I could just make my snack at night, already knowing it was just the right amount of carbs without measuring everything every time, and feel more “normal.”

• Still hungry?  Be sure to keep some "free" foods on hand in the event that you've had all the carbs you're allowed, but still feel hungry. Free foods are those containing no carbs, or so little that it doesn't count.  I enjoyed celery with natural peanut butter, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese and pickles.

Crystal Light On The Go Natural Lemonade, 10 Count Packets (Pack of 6)Crystal Light On The Go Immunity, Natural Pomegranate Cherry, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)Crystal Light Green Tea, Natural Peach Mango Drink Mix (10-Quart) 1.85 Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)Crystal Light On The Go Hunger Satisfaction, Strawberry Banana, 7-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

• Crystal Light - (or any store brand sugar free drink mix)  Great treat when I was just craving something sweet, or wanted a sweet beverage other than water, and didn't want to waste my precious carbs on a drink.  Since I also avoided caffeinated pop while pregnant, my only other choice really was caffiene free diet stuff.

• Develop a list of pre-counted food assortments so you don't have to count every meal. I found out a few items that fit within my allotment of carbs for snacks and lunch time, and made sure I always had them around.  My goal in doing so was to be able to go to the frig and grab something, feeling more like a "normal" lunch time, without having to constantly look at labels every time I ate something.  For instance, I found that a container of Yoplait yogurt had just the right amount of carbs for a snack (and in many flavors, including chocolate...great for my pregnant chocolate cravings!).  For when I couldn't be home to make something or eat something refrigerated, I stocked up on pre-packaged snacks like peanut butter cracker sandwiches, mini muffins, etc. I found many great canned soups that had enough carbs for a meal, with a little room to spare to add crackers. I found some great whole wheat “sandwich rounds” that are thinner than regular bread, so I could have two pieces of bread (although thinner) to make a whole sandwich and have room for other carbs with it.  For breakfast, I switched from cold cereal to a mini bagel and cream cheese.  It was just the right amount of carbs, with a glass of milk.

Our Best Diabetic Living Recipes (Better Homes & Gardens Cooking)
• Diabetic cook books – I remember one day standing in the kitchen bawling, as my husband walked in the door, because I had no idea what to make or how many carbs were in my recipes.  I tried some websites that let you enter your recipes and then calculate the carbs for you, but found that it took SO long to enter everything, I didn’t even get one recipe entered.  So, I headed to the book store. You can spend a fortune on these books, and don’t need to re-do your entire recipe box.  But, I did get one book I really liked.  Go to your local book store and browse…you’ll find tons of books with great recipes that tell you how many carbs are in them.

• Get to know what you can handle – I only went over in my blood sugar level once during my 10 weeks, and it as maybe by 2 points.  I found that my body was able to process sugars better than many others who have GD, so I was able to add a few more treats around the holidays than my diet dictated.  Do a little experimenting.  If your levels are regularly well within range, treat yourself to an extra cookie. Your next blood sugar test will let you know if you should do it again.  This is another reason it’s a good idea to keep tracking your diet and see how it affects you!

 • Remember you’re doing it all for baby!  I never thought I could make myself stick so strictly to any diet, but I did to a tee, because I knew that everything I ate was affecting my baby’s health.  No matter how much harder my second pregnancy was, I knew that the ONLY thing that mattered was baby's health, and he was healthy.  Well, okay, not wanting to give birth to a giant baby was a great motivator as well!  But, in the end, just remember…you’re doing it for your baby, and it’ll all be worth it in the end!! (and yes, there WILL be an end!!)  Now if I could just channel that motivation NOW to lose a few extra pounds...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

1 Two 3 Playhouse by Chicco

This is what I call one of those "why didn't I think of that" product designs. The new "1 two 3 Playhouse" from Chicco hangs flat on the wall when not in use, and pops out into a 57" x 30" play house.  What a cool idea!  The house hangs from a bracket on the wall with cloud shaped hooks, and closes up with velcro. 

I could definitely see a series of could make a whole little town along a wall in your play room!  Of course, looking at this just makes me want to MAKE one myself.  I'll just have to add it to my ever-growing list of projects for down the road...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gifts: Does "Homemade" Equal "Cheap?"

How can you avoid the insanity of black Friday?  Make stuff!! I love to give homemade gifts.  I've been feverishly creating for the past month or so, and I'd love to show you what I'm giving this year!  But, many of my recipients are also followers so I can't spoil the'll all have to wait until AFTER Christmas!

I don't give homemade gifts because I am too cheap to go buy something, although I always have this feeling in the back of my mind that that's what people are thinking when they receive a homemade gift.  Maybe it's my own insecurity about giving something I've made...wondering if the recipient is just being nice by saying they like it. After all, they can't add "something Gretchen made" to their Amazon wish list.  So, I always find myself accompanying my hand made gifts with something store bought as well, which leaves me feeling like I've just undermined the value of my own gift and added to the home-made stigma.  It's all a little ironic when I think about it, because I know people around the world are paying for the things that I make on my website and in retail stores to give as gifts to others!

While making gifts may very well be a way to save some money, I have found that many times it really costs me the same, if not more, than what I would have spent on a store bought gift.  Especially if it is something that I haven't made in the past, that might require some materials and/or equipment that I didn't already own from a previous project.  One year I tried making soaps...they turned out okay but I found it wasn't really my thing and now all the supplies sit unused. (Which brings up another good point...thrift stores are a great place to find craft supplies from people who have given up on it!)

I guess in my mind, a homemade gift says so says that I thought about you not just in the instant that I grabbed something on a store shelf so I could cross you off my shopping list, but for the hours, days, and sometimes weeks it took me to create your one-of-a-kind gift.

These days, time is money.  Especially to me, a work-from-home mom, who could easily fill up all of my "me time" doing my freelance design work, for which I get paid by the minute.  Or a weekend doing a face painting gig...where I get $75 for one hour of work.  When you think of it in terms of how much money I could have made in the same amount of time spent working on a gift, suddenly the "value" really shoots up!  I mean, you can crochet an hour every night for a couple months to make an afghan!  Not to mention EASILY spend $30+ on the yarn alone.  I know certain color schemes go out of style, but I'm always so sad to see beautiful handmade afghans hanging in the thrift stores by the dozens for a couple bucks.  But I digress..

I'm not trying to bash store bought gifts.  It's really fun when you can find just the perfect thing that you know someone really wants or can really use, and like I said, I usually add something store bought with my homemade items. But, it does make me think, why couldn't I scrap the store bought item?  Or at least not complete some homemade gift and then rack my brain over what store bought item to "add to it" to make it a "better gift" that measures up to the dollar amount everyone else spent?  It would be really fun one year to just agree with the family to only give homemade gifts. You wouldn't even have to be artistic...think of the fun seeing everyone's creative sides come out!  Maybe you write a poem, or make up a song, bake something delicious, or make IOU's for an activity to do together!

I've always enjoyed giving photo gifts from sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish, and have even had a couple custom designed puzzles made for my grandparents.  These seem to be a nice blend of homemade and store bought...they carry the store bought price tag and perceived value but also the personal, one-of-a-kind touch of being homemade.  When I make something, I always like to add a little home-made tag to go on it as well.  It gives it that fancy gift feel like something from a store, and gives you a place to call out the fact that this was hand made by you and maybe even describe the process you go through to make it.

I guess my point is this: If you're a recipient of a homemade gift, don't assume the giver is just being cheap...take their investment of time as a great compliment.  And if you're giving homemade gifts, take pride in the fact that you are giving a gift that nobody else on the planet is getting from anyone else!  After all, years down the road, chances are these are the things that will really last and you'll want to hang on to for generations!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"PLAY" Design for Kids Calendar

"Made by Joel" is definitely one of my favorite blogs to browse.  Check it out and you'll see why!  I just had to pass on this recent calendar project he shared that includes some of his work.  Another thing for my Amazon wish list this year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun Thanksgiving Projects

Looking for something Thanksgiving-themed to keep the kids busy while the turkey cooks, after they've already finished tracing their hand and making it look like a turkey? Here are some fun Thanksgiving projects you can do with your kids that will also help decorate around your home and your dinner table!

I like these cute turkey name tags because they also serve a purpose.  Beyond calling out who sits where, they are edible, and the tail is made from a napkin which can be used during dinner.  These would be cute sitting right on each plate!

These little felt apples are cute.  You could easily turn these into place cards as well by adding a name to the stick, but they'd look cute on a shelf too.

Votive Carver

I recently came across this little tool at Amazon, made to cut a votive-sized hole into fruits.  This would really make some neat table decorations, whether you use apples, little gourds, or whatever!  I added it to my Amazon wish list!

I love the idea behind this Thanksgiving wreath.  It's a more time consuming project you might not hand over to a kid to do.  But, it's intended to get everyone involved...have your family and friends write what they are thankful for on little notes, and slip them into the paper cones on the wreath.  Then, pull them out and read them around the dinner table as a reminder of what everyone is celebrating!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Friday Finds

Woah, where has this week gone?!?  I just realized I haven't posted since last Friday.  Shame on me!  Well, in my defense, I've been a little busy nursing a cold, coming to grips with the fact that our house is coming OFF the market, and moving BACK into the house I'm already in.  Wow, un-packing is so much less fun when without the new home part. But, anyway, I'm finally back, and here are a few fun things I've come across this week to share!

Just had to share this iPhone accessory that I came across today at  Love it!  Who'd have thought something as simple, primitive, and as far removed from the Apple brand as a plunger would work so well as an iPhone stand! ;-)  (Set it in your daughter's doll house bathroom when not in use!)

From miniature plungers to baby toys...that's how we roll. Hey, they are all products, which gives you an idea of the wide range of objects that comes from my Industrial Design profession! Inhabitots recently posted a nice selection of eco-friendly toys for babies.  For more fun toys, check out my favorite toy list for 2010!

I've never seen one of these but I thought this was a fun idea...a dinner roll holder! You can find a tutorial on Gingercake, here.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  I recently stumbled across Gingercake and there are so many awesome projects on there that I just can't look through it TOO long or even I can get a creativity's great!!

Okay, well, I've had less time to web surf this week so I only have a few items for you today.  But, if you have the time, explore farther into Inhabitots and Gingercake and you'll find so many cool things!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

"STAY at Home Mom"

"Stay at home Mom." Why does that come across as so boring?  Sure, I happen to be a "work-from-home Mom" with my businesses, but even without my businesses, just being home to raise my kids is far more work (and more rewarding!) than any paying job I've had.  I mean, think about are devoting your entire day (minus nap time and the 5 seconds you have alone in the bathroom before your toddler barges in) devoted to molding a human life into a responsible, contributing member of society.  You are influencing someone's future Mommy or Daddy, someone's husband or wife...You're creating the future of humanity for crying out loud! "The children are our future!!"

Yet, somehow whenever I hear someone remark, "oh, you stay at home with your kids?" or "she used to work at such-and-such company but now stays at home with her kids," it comes across as some kind of "easy" route.  Because "work" is, you know, "work," so everything else must be like a day off, right? I mean, can't you just toss the kid a snack and a toy and then sit back on the couch with your bon bons?!

I think, to over analyze a bit,  the part that urks me is the word "STAY."  To me that makes me think of being still, just standing there, doing nothing while everybody else "GO's."  Like something you do at the amusement park with the kid who's under 42" tall while everyone else rides the wild roller coaster.  It sounds so sedentary...yet "staying" at home with kids is anything BUT that! I don't think a day goes by when I don't feel like I've been run over by a truck by the time the kids are in bed!

When you talk about work, you use the opposite word..."GO!"  I'm going to work! Sounds a lot more physical, more active, more...I don't know...exciting?  I used to work at Best Buy's corporate headquarters designing store fixtures.  Yes, it was a fun place to work...great people to be around, business trips to places like New York and Hollywood, and even the occasional celebrity roaming through the building.  But, like any job, it wasn't without it's boring days sitting in the cubicle.  Every job has it's up's and downs, including parenthood, but it's ALL hard work!

Today I still get to do the same kind of work for Best Buy and many other companies as a freelancer from my home office.  Sure, it may have lost some of it's sexiness, but I love having the ability to keep my career going while being home with my boys.  I get excitement in other new ways, like watching my child take his first step, middle-of-the-night trips to the ER, and chasing a toddler with dog poop on the bottom of his shoes as he darts across a newly vacuumed living room carpet.

I looked up the word "stay" in my good ol' non-electronic dictionary (yup, they still print those!) and found  paragraphs of definitions...some fitting and some not for the "stay at home mom."

"to stop moving; halt" or "to wait; pause" ... seem not so fitting to describe my day at home.
"to endure or persist" or "to hold out or persevere to the end of a race or challenge" there's a better definition!

Okay, so just like the job of a stay at home or a work-out-of-the home mom, "stay" can be viewed as both an active or sedentary term.  It's all in how you look at it.  Maybe I should call myself an "endure-at-home mom" or a "persevere-at-home mom".  So as a "stay" at home mom, I thought I'd take it upon myself to remind everyone that "stay" doesn't just mean to sit still or be held back from something.

All stay-at-home moms are work-at-home moms, because motherhood itself is hard work!  And "working moms" are ALSO working when they get home from work!  In the end, all moms work.  I'm a mom, and I work. (and play!)  That's it.  All moms work by definition.  Who cares where you are doing it (office or home?), who you work with (co-workers or kids?) or how you get "paid" (paychecks or hearts drawn with crayon?).  When people ask me what I do, I usually tell them I run 3 businesses out of my home with my 2 boys. Maybe I should say that I run 5 businesses...GF Design, Paintertainment, Junk Mail Gems, AND Sammy and Toby!  (I just happen to love two of them WAY WAY more than the rest. )

I admire all kinds of moms...those who "stay" at home with their kids every day, those who have part time jobs, and those who have full time jobs. Being a mom is a hard enough [24/7 full-time] job already without having people judge you for your decision to work in or out of the home.  Those of you who work out of the home, I applaud your ability to juggle and manage your time and roles!  Those of you who stay at home, I applaud your ability to keep up with your kids all day!  You're all amazing!!  Of course, being that I LOVE my own situation, it's natural of me to want to wish the same upon every other mom I know.  But, in reality, I know it's just not for everyone.

Both working and stay-at-home moms know just how much work and how rewarding it is being a parent, whether you are physically with your kids full time or not, and I'm hoping this post will help everyone who does NOT have kids to understand that moms work hard no matter were they "stay" or "go" in whatever location you think is more "work."  I think that no matter how confident we try to be in our decisions, the sad fact is that many stay-at-home AND working moms feel just a little insecure sometimes when talking to someone who's doing the opposite or who's not a parent.  A stay-at-home mom may feel like other women are looking down on her for being "just" a mom, while a working mom may feel like other women look down on her for not being with her kids 100% of the time.

Let's remember to lift each other up, not look down...We can all use a little support and encouragement!  It's a tough decision to make whatever way you go, so pick up the phone today and tell a mom that she is doing a great job at motherhood however she chooses to do it...unlike our "work" lives, moms don't have a "boss" giving us praise for a job well done.  So here's a little "quarterly review" for all you moms out there from one of your co-worker mommy peers...

Great job not losing your temper the other day when your kid was driving you nuts!  Great job getting out of bed to get the big kid ready for school when you were up all night with the baby and your hubby was snoring away! Good for you for being conscious and vertical when calling in sick was not an option!  NO ONE can comfort your child with an owie like you can! You're all AMAZING, even if you feel nobody may notice half of the work you do...keep on keepin' on!  Give yourself a RAISE and a big fat BONUS of a little "me" time...if you can squeeze some in!  You've EARNED it and you're all SUPER MOMS!! :-)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Turn your Halloween Pumpkins into Yummy Treats!

Woah, it's November already!  November makes me think of Thanksgiving, family gatherings, and those pumpkins that are starting to shrivel up on the front step.  This year I made a "for sale sign" pumpkin, in my last ditch effort to market our house to trick-or-treaters.  Unfortunately last night some rowdy teenage squirrels decided to gnaw away my designs, so it looks more like a big hole with a cross on it now.  Here's what it USED to look like:

My last post was about how to use up some of that left-over Halloween candy, but what about the left-over pumpkin?  Don't toss it out just yet!  I am going to mooch off of myself and send you to a post I published a couple years ago, where you can find step by step instructions to turn your Halloween jack-o-lanterns into yummy pumpkin pies and bread. Some may argue that you have to use "pie pumpkins," sold specifically for making pies.  However, my mom has turned our Halloween pumpkins into the BEST pie and bread every year since I can remember.  Yes, it takes considerably more time than opening a can-o-pumpkin, but then there's always something about that warm, fuzzy, Martha-Stewart-like satisfaction you get from knowing that you made your pie from a real pumpkin.  The only thing better than that would be to grow them yourself on top of it!  In dirt you got from your compost bin!
Oh yeah, these are my pumpkins from a couple years ago.  See...pumpkin is so yummy they are eating each other!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What to do with left-over Halloween Candy?

Did you get less trick-or-treaters than you expected?  Maybe your kid got way more candy than you'd like them to consume?  Here are some ideas for ways to use up the Halloween sugar!

I recently read some ideas in a Parenting magazine for ways to use up left-over Halloween candy while helping you consume some more healthy ingredients along with it.  I couldn't find it on their website, but here were their ideas...

Banana Split - split a banana lengthwise, fill it with whipped cream, and top with crumbled peanut butter cups.

Candy applesauce - crush lollipops and sprinkle over applesauce.  As your kid stirs, the colors in the candy change the colors of the applesauce!

Mini Chocolate Fondue - Microwave a few chocolate bars in the microwave and serve with some fruit for dunking.

Post-Halloween Pudding - Make a low-fat version of pudding (with skim milk) and stir in bits of Snickers or Milky Way before you chill it

Spooky Snack Mix - Combine nuts, dried fruits, cereal, pretzels, etc with small candy bits like candy corn, jelly beans, or M&M's.
I personally have no problems with simply consuming all Kit Kat bars in their natural state, however, here is a delicious looking cake that uses Kit Kat and Reese's Pieces

Here are just a few more recipes I found on my favorite recipe site, Allrecpies:


Baby Ruth:



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