Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun Thanksgiving Projects

Looking for something Thanksgiving-themed to keep the kids busy while the turkey cooks, after they've already finished tracing their hand and making it look like a turkey? Here are some fun Thanksgiving projects you can do with your kids that will also help decorate around your home and your dinner table!

I like these cute turkey name tags because they also serve a purpose.  Beyond calling out who sits where, they are edible, and the tail is made from a napkin which can be used during dinner.  These would be cute sitting right on each plate!

These little felt apples are cute.  You could easily turn these into place cards as well by adding a name to the stick, but they'd look cute on a shelf too.

Votive Carver

I recently came across this little tool at Amazon, made to cut a votive-sized hole into fruits.  This would really make some neat table decorations, whether you use apples, little gourds, or whatever!  I added it to my Amazon wish list!

I love the idea behind this Thanksgiving wreath.  It's a more time consuming project you might not hand over to a kid to do.  But, it's intended to get everyone involved...have your family and friends write what they are thankful for on little notes, and slip them into the paper cones on the wreath.  Then, pull them out and read them around the dinner table as a reminder of what everyone is celebrating!

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