Monday, May 19, 2014

Sick Kid Tote!

Uh oh, Toby has a cough and fever today, so in bringing out my "sick tote!"

I got two of these tiny little plastic totes in Target's "one spot" area a few years ago (one for each kid, as we often have two sickos at once!).  They work great for toting around my sick kid essentials around the house! They also stack for easy storage in the linen closet.

Here you can see this one loaded up with an Ibuprofen and an Acetaminophen to alternate for fevers, a digital ear thermometer (my #1 best baby gear investment by far!), a pen, and a piece of paper to jot down times, temps, and meds given!

I love how this keeps me from having to hunt around the house for where I set the thermometer, etc.  Hey, when it comes to motherhood, it's those little things that can really make our lives easier, am I right?


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