Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Organization Project: Seasonal Closet Drawer Labels!

Drawer Labels that Change with the Seasons!!

It's that time of year...one of my favorites! The temperatures are finally rising and I'm thinking about putting the screens back on the windows so we can open them up and clear out all of the old remnants of flu season from the air! It's that magical time of year when I am just SO happy to be able to spend time outside without fifteen layers on that I don't mind having to spend that time cleaning up the months of built-up dog poop in the yard as it is revealed by the melting snow!

And there's that other job...the one that is much less gross but even more time consuming than dog-poop-cleanup: CLOSET ROTATION!

This year I had an idea and decided to implement it in hopes of making the process go more smoothly year after year.  I found some drawers at Goodwill and since they fit perfectly side-by-side in our coat closet, I earmarked them for seasonal "stuff" organization.
Right now I have a bin that goes up high in the closet where I stuff all the winter accessories during the summer, and all of the summer accessories during winter.  There's a label on each end of the bin: "Winter Stuff" and "Summer Stuff." Whatever's in the bin at the moment dictates which label I leave facing out.  This method has worked great so far for tucking away out-of-season stuff. 

But what do you do with in-season stuff once you un-pack it and need to use it all?

I've tried using stacking bins and storage benches, but they just keep turning into a mixed-up mess.  So, this year I thought I'd try the drawers.

I made these labels that I can use all year, and just flip them up or down to reveal the summer or winter versions of what's inside.  Now I realize it's not quite shorts weather yet, but I am eager to rotate the closets here soon and see how this goes.  I'll dump all the winter stuff into my big bin, and put all the summer stuff in their respective drawers.

Here's how I made them...

How I made my labels
 1 - Do a Google image search for images and lay them out on pages with a summer pic on top and winter on bottom, or vice versa.  Just make sure each sheet in the end is twice as tall as it is wide. If you don't want to do an image search, you can draw pictures too! (Or use words...I'm using pictures so there are NO excuses from the little guys when it comes to putting their own stuff away!)

2 - Fold the paper in half and crease it (blank sides together).

3 - Fold the paper in half AGAIN and crease it.

4 - Unfold it and note the folds in the picture...you should have a fold between each photo, and then right across the middle of each photo.

5 - Laminate them, so you don't have to do this all over again in the fall! If you don't have a laminator or don't want to pay to have them laminated, clear contact paper or heavy duty, clear mailing tape works great too!

6 - Re-fold and crease over all your previous folds so that you are now creasing the laminate.

7 - Pinch the inside center fold together and tape the edges so it stays together. Leave the top and bottom flaps loose.

8 - Add some velcro dots to both image so you can flip and stick it to show one or the other.

9 - Attach the labels to your drawers or storage bins! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do this. I don't know if I want it permanent so I've used mailing tape for now, but it's not sticking great, so I may explore some other options and will update you if I find something that works well.

Now, simply flip your labels to match the season!

Above you can see mostly winter stuff still, but I just flipped the lower left one to show one of the summer labels which has goggles and beach toys. I also have one for swimming trunks, sunglasses/hats, sunscreen/bug spray, etc.  I got a great little shoe cubby at Goodwill the same day so that's where all of the shoes will go.  As with everything I organize, I'm sure this is the best it will ever look, but hey, 'ya can't blame a girl for trying!!

Got any other closet rotation tips? I'd love to hear them...feel free to comment and share!

Happy Spring!!


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