Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Turn your Halloween Pumpkins into Yummy Treats!

Woah, it's November already!  November makes me think of Thanksgiving, family gatherings, and those pumpkins that are starting to shrivel up on the front step.  This year I made a "for sale sign" pumpkin, in my last ditch effort to market our house to trick-or-treaters.  Unfortunately last night some rowdy teenage squirrels decided to gnaw away my designs, so it looks more like a big hole with a cross on it now.  Here's what it USED to look like:

My last post was about how to use up some of that left-over Halloween candy, but what about the left-over pumpkin?  Don't toss it out just yet!  I am going to mooch off of myself and send you to a post I published a couple years ago, where you can find step by step instructions to turn your Halloween jack-o-lanterns into yummy pumpkin pies and bread. Some may argue that you have to use "pie pumpkins," sold specifically for making pies.  However, my mom has turned our Halloween pumpkins into the BEST pie and bread every year since I can remember.  Yes, it takes considerably more time than opening a can-o-pumpkin, but then there's always something about that warm, fuzzy, Martha-Stewart-like satisfaction you get from knowing that you made your pie from a real pumpkin.  The only thing better than that would be to grow them yourself on top of it!  In dirt you got from your compost bin!
Oh yeah, these are my pumpkins from a couple years ago.  See...pumpkin is so yummy they are eating each other!

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