Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Living in Minnesota, it's always extra sweet when the warmer months roll around and we are finally able to get out and enjoy the yard. (Well, AFTER the snow melts and I finish the daunting and disgusting annual task of cleaning up a season's worth of dog poop, that is.)

Yesterday we got out Sammy's "gazillion bubble machine" that he got from Santa (who told us he found it for half off just after the previous Christmas), and had some fun playing in it's 4,000-bubble-per-minute output.

We blow bubbles just about every time we set foot out the back door, however, it was pretty fun to just be able to flip a switch and dance around in a GAZILLION bubbles!

...we even got to watch this ant carry a caterpillar up a 90 degree incline. Impressive, I must say.

Then I got a phone call with a request for a showing a couple hours later, so went back into my familiar "showing rush" of cleaning, staging, and rushing the kids and dogs out the door.  Fortunately we were able to enjoy the great outdoors even still, with a picnic at our neighborhood park.  So, it wasn't all that bad.  Bubbles, bugs, and picnic lunches...3 great ways to enjoy some nice weather!

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