Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let Baby Chew on This!

If you have kids, and you wear jewelry, you probably have experienced the dilemma of keeping the two apart. I know before I had kids and noticed that my nieces couldn't keep their hands and mouths off of my jewelry, I thought, "someone should make jewelry that's made for kids to chew!" Luckily, many people have done just that. Here are a few examples...

Momma's Jewels creates some pretty jewelry that's designed for baby to chew, even with rattles inside. I like these pretty bangles, that don't look like toys at all. (Via Inhabitots)

"Oh Plah," which is French for "here you go," is designed to stand up to your baby's teeth, and is even eco-friendly. When you're done with it, the company will pay for the shipping for it to be returned and recycled into another toy! (via Eco Child's Play)

SmartMom has some colorful coordinating "teething bling" bangles and pendants. While they are made to look like stones, these pendants are made from a soft, chewy silicone, safe for baby's mouth. If you're looking for a fun baby shower gift, give the new mommy the gift of an online shopping trip, and let her pick out her own with a gift card! An especially fun gift for the non-first-time mom who already has all the usual baby stuff.

Hmmm...I think I have an outfit that goes with this one. On second thought, maybe I should get another color, and then have an excuse to get a new outfit to go with it too! ;-)

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