Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Snapshots

We had some great fun over the weekend and thought I'd share a couple personal snapshots...

Friday there was a penny carnival at a park in Golden Valley, which is north of us.  All the kids' games and activities cost between 1 and 5 cents.  It's a fun, cheap family activity and a great way to help your kids learn to count and spend money! 

Toby was too little to do much, but I love this shot of him in the stroller... his face is lighting up because Daddy just came into view...a guy we haven't seen a lot of these past couple weeks with all his travel.  What a treat to spend a whole Friday with Daddy!

Fireman Sam checkin' himself out in the shiny truck (with "Puppy" in hand of course!):

I usually try to find some super cheap or free thing we can do on the weekends.  Well, since we've done a lot for a little all summer, we decided to splurge on "a day out with Thomas" on Saturday.  It's not every day Thomas comes rolling through your state!
What a dream come true for a little boy who loves all things trains, to ride on THE Thomas.  I love this view of him sitting in the train car...tired, hot, overwhelmed by the excitement, and trying to take it all in:
Hope you had a great weekend as well!  :-)

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