Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Friday Finds

Just a few cool things to share with you today!  While I try to share things that you would be interested, I have to admit I use my blog just as much as my own list to record and keep track of all the projects I'd like to try, toys I'd like to get, products I'd like to review, and websites I'd like to explore more!  Today's post is no exception...

Check out this creative twist on block puzzles.  Designed by a Swiss toymaker, Naef, "Colorem" allows your kids to draw their own puzzle images with chalk.  Your kids can decorate all sides for 6 different puzzles, then simply wipe them clean with a wet cloth and start all over!  This seems like something that would be fun to make too, with some wood blocks and chalk board paint. They come with some chalk crayons, which I'm assuming stick better than your standard chalk...otherwise it would likely be a huge mess.  Looks like a blast!! (via Inhabitots)

Here's a fun way to use some of those little toys you have all over the house.  A whole lot better than stepping on them in the middle of the night...use them to light your path instead! Designed by Ryan McElhinney. (via LikeCool)

These shadow boxes by Peter Slight are so awesome.  When I was little I made one of these but it was a carnival scene with a merry-go-round and ferris wheel.  I still have it hanging on my wall.  I love the illustrations of these! Okay, more things for my creative to-do list... (via Drawn!)

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