Monday, August 9, 2010

"Busy Week" for My Face Painting Business!

We spent last weekend down in Red Wing, Minnesota, where we all enjoy staying on my parents' boat with them while I face paint during their local festival, "River City Days."  It was a hot but good year for face painting!  "Paintertainment" is the oldest of my three businesses, where I provide face painting for events as well as sell face paint supplies on my website.  This week happens to be my busiest time of year with events!  I'll be down at the Dakota County Fair, splitting some time with my mom so I can be home with my boys some partial days, all week this week in Farmington, MN.  I get home around 11:00 pm during the fair!  So, you may not hear quite as much from me this week.

Here are a few shots from River City Days...

The umbrella I paint under:

This year there was a "win a fish" game next to me.  Poor terrorized little fishies watched ping pong balls fly over their heads all day long.  What do they do in this situation?  Hope that they don't get hit? Or hope that they do so the insanity can end? :-) It was fun to watch the kids so excited to win fish, and the parents not so excited!

One of the food items we enjoy each year...a slice of fruit pizza from "Liberty's," a local pizza joint.

My "new and improved" butterfly design for 2010, painted on my hand...

This was right across the street from where I painted...part of my view while working!  They say this is the only marina like it in the country, with floating sheds.

This was another new addition this year...they had a couple of these giant "hamster balls" that people could crawl into and run around.  Funny to watch!  I bet they were roasting hot inside though...

Many thanks to my Mom and Dad for making this "business" trip feel once again like a fun vacation! 

Okay, time to wrap it up and head out to the fair!

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  1. that butterfly is adorable! you're a busy mom (just came here from your other blog)...i tried emailing you, can you please drop me a line when you get a sec? :)

    p.s. that hamster ball is hilarious.



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