Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Fun at the County Fair

Sunday marked the end of the Dakota County Fair, in Farmington, Minnesota.  I have not missed a single fair in my 30-some years of life.  (I'm not being sensitive about my age...I'm just so old I honestly don't even remember how old I am off the top of my head anymore!)  For the past 13 of those years, I've had a booth at the same fair for my face painting business, which you may have read about in an earlier post. If you're a follower of my other blogs and multiple Facebook identities, then you've seen all these photos, but just in case, I thought I'd share a few here from "Fair Week 2010!"

Me and Sammy at my booth:

The midway:

We always have some rain storms during the fair...I liked how this reflection looked in the puddle, framed by the traffic barrier.

New food vendor this year: spaghetti sundae!

I always love to touch the pigs' noses!  I'm going to do a painting of this if I ever get some more free time...

Future farmer!  That's not a piece of grass in his mouth though, which would be very's a sucker. ;-)

I love to take my breaks from work over in Dakota City village.  It's peaceful, there are lots of shady benches to enjoy ice cream on, and cute little old guys admiring the tractors.

Sammy got Thomas and James engines painted on his legs from Mommy and asks me every day where they went.  He says "Mommy's fair's all done."  I told him we will get to go to the big STATE fair in a week, and he's pretty excited!

If it isn't too late in the season, be sure to check out your local county fairs...they can be a great source of inexpensive fun for your whole family!

See 'ya next year, Dakota County!

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