Monday, June 21, 2010

Stuck in Traffic: The Work-At-Home Mom's Commute

As a work-at-home mom (aka "WAHM") who freelances, I experience a morning commute unlike most other working moms.  Sure, my commute may only consist of walking up from the basement to my upper level studio, however, it is not without it's challenges.

This morning, for example, traffic was SO bad, that dump trucks and tractors were hitching rides on top of school buses.

Even when WE are on the road, tractors and trucks actually hitch a ride on US!!

The morning rush hour can really make the breakfast table congested, especially on Monday mornings.

On some days, such as Friday afternoons just before a long weekend, the traffic is lined up for what seems like endless inches upon inches!

Sometimes we even have to sit through a lunch traffic rush!!

One time we even had to call in a towing service just to clear the table so poor Sammy could get access to his grilled cheese sandwich.

Not only do we have issues with traffic in the morning and afternoon, but evenings as you can see, many drivers have absolutely no regard for pedestrians at all!  We clearly need to raise the standards of our law enforcement around here.

Yes, things are getting pretty bad...I sure hope Mayor Sammy approves an increase in funding to the highway system around here asap!

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