Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Friday Finds

Happy Friday!  Here are some fun finds for you...have a great weekend!

What an interesting mix of materials and functions...check out the crystal iPhone/iPod dock. If you think about it, a piece of heavy lead crystal is not something that is unusual to see sitting on a table top...but mix it with a piece of electronics, and you get a pretty neat presentation.  Ranging from $199 to $349, it's no cheap plastic accessory!  (via Cool Hunting)

Getting fed up with bp and their massive oil spill?  Greenpeace has launched a competition to re-design the bp logo.  Hundreds of entries have flooded in...check out the entries on flickr! I do have to say that while I don't feel bad for bp, I do feel bad for whatever design firm put in the time and talent to come up with their once beautiful logo.  Graphic designers cringe to see people even print their logo in an off color or stretch it out of proportion...I can only imagine how many designers are pulling their hair out seeing these entries!

Check out these delicious popsicles, complete with recipes to make them. (via DesignSponge)

Looking for some great Father's Day gift ideas?  Check out this post of some fun books for the do-it-yourself'er Dad!  (Bonus gift for Mom: enjoy a latte and a good magazine while the kids help Dad with one of the many great project ideas inside!)

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