Sunday, March 14, 2010 Clever Gifts for Nursing Moms

I thought I'd take an opportunity to share with you a super cute site full of fun gifts for nursing moms! was developed by my sister Heidi Panelli, a fellow "MOMtrepreneur." Being a professional graphic designer and illustrator, as well as a mother of three, she knows what she's doing and knows (IS) her audience.

After her first daughter was born, the lack of a space at her workplace to pump sparked the idea to start, where she offers fun items for mothers' rooms, including decorations and signs to let people know to knock or not to disturb while you're busy trying to bottle that liquid gold.

You can also find tons of great gear for moms, as well as for baby! Here are just a few examples of the shirt designs available at MilkMommy:

I just ordered a "Mom's Milk Express" shirt since I'm now back into the nursing groove...can't wait to try one on myself!

If you're interested in "MOMtrepreneurialship" and are a creative person as well, CafePress has been a great way for my sister to share her talent and make some extra cash. Check out some of her other sites:
Mod Pillows
So Much Life, So Little Time
Cool T-Shirt Store

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