Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kids Consignment Sale + My "new" KECCI Diaper Bag

I am a total bargain hunter and love to hit the thrift stores in the winter and garage sales all summer. So, this morning once the kids were fed, changed, and dressed, we hussled down to Eagan, MN to check out the Just Between Friends kids' consignment sale going on at the community center. (To find one of these sales in your area and print the free entrance coupon, go to

I attended my first JBF sale in Edina last summer, where I purchased my current diaper bag, and went today in search of a new one. I've been through about 5 bags, searching for the perfect one! However, I've found that as my kids grow and change, so do my diaper bag needs. I picked up a cool bag with matching changing pad in like-new condition for $25:

It looks just like this one above, only with red trim instead of that lime green. (matching my funky glasses perfectly, thus I just HAD to buy it!) I like that you can wear it as a messenger bag, or if your arms are full (which mine always are with 2 kids), you can un-zip one side and pull out some hidden backpack straps.

After some online searching I found the bag is called the Shanghai Messenger Bag by Kecci. Amazon claims the list price is $58, but it looks like they are available from $32-$40, depending on whether you purchase the Shanghai or the Shanghai II:

At first glance of my designer's eye, while I love the look of the bag, I think the logo on the tag does a terrible job of conveying their brand name:

Does it say "KEEEI?" or "KCCCI?" Turns out it's "KECCI." If I didn't notice the extremely subtle difference between the "E" and "C" as a designer who works with type all the time, a non-designer mom is not going to know how to pronounce this or look it up. I had to do some Google searching with every combination I could think of before I figured out what this bag was! I'm guessing the subtlety of the logo reads better on paper, but does not translate well to textiles, which is a huge miss in my mind, being that their product itself IS a textile.

I think this bag will work well for all of my "stuff" now that I have more kids and less arms to carry their things. I'll let you know what I think after I've used it a while, and maybe will review it with all the various bags I've gone through already in a future post! Got a favorite diaper bag that you love? Share it in your comments as I'd love to hear what works for you!

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