Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bib Clips: Designer "Kipiis" or Budget Dental Supplies!

A while back I came across these cool bib clips at a toy store near my home, called Kipiis. (pronounced "Kip-eez") They are adjustable, soft & rubbery, and come in cute kid colors.

Basically what they do is turn anything from a napkin to a towel to a piece of paper into an instant bib.

You can purchase these for $12.80 from their site, or starting from $11.95 at Amazon:

I was considering purchasing one of these, in my effort to lighten the load in my diaper bag. Using one of these would eliminate my need to pack a bib, and even better, I wouldn't have to worry about remembering to pull the dirty used bib out of my bag and replace it with a clean one the next time we went out. Many times I take out the dirty one and forget to put in a new one, taking home more left-overs from the restaurant on the front of his shirt than in the doggy bag!

So, I was trying to describe to my husband last night what these things look like and how they work, and he immediately said, "you mean like those clips on chains they use at the dentist?" YES...exactly! Sometimes a great product idea can come from something that already exists, tweaking it for a different market, giving it a new name, and marketing it differently.

So that got me thinking how simple it would be to make one of these. I am going to post a tutorial shortly on how to make your own so stay tuned!

If you're not up for making your own but would still like to save a bundle, you can purchase actual dental bib clips online, probably even cheaper than you can make them. I found these clips for only $2.35 at a tattoo supply store:

For even less, you can get the classic dental office metal chain clips for $2.15 at this dental office supply site:

While they aren't nearly as cute or adjustable, they do the trick!

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  1. Love it, Gretch! Looking forward to the tutorial. I'm sure yours will be just as "designer" as the designer one.



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