Sunday, March 21, 2010

ID Mommy Tip: Eating Out With Toddlers

Here's a little handy tip that I came up with after experiencing the same frustration over and over again while eating out at restaurants.

When we go out to eat, often times restaurants will have great kid-sized cups. But, rarely do they ever have kid-sized straws, and we seldom see those cool bendy straws anymore. This undoubtedly results in Sammy having to hold his drink out in front of him and tip it down in order to get the straw to his mouth, sending his drink dribbling out the leaky lid and onto his lap.

Instead of waiting for the fast food restaurants to solve my problem, I finally decided to pack a small pair of folding scissors in my diaper bag. All I do now is whip these babies out, and simply snip off the top few inches of the straw.

Voila! A kid-sized straw and a dry pants. Well, at least until that pop goes through and the diaper leaks... ;-)

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