Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun Camping Project!

Ugh, I know, I haven't posted in a while!  Been busy though...the good kind of busy!

We went camping over Labor Day weekend, and the boys had a lot of fun with this little project...

I brought along a baggie full of google eyes, a bottle of Tacky glue, and some paint markers.  The boys had fun decorating sticks, rocks, and anything else they could find!

Tacky glue, google eyes, and paint pens...just add nature!
Sammy turned this huge rock into a fish.  :-)

Sammy's completed fish!  We had to leave him behind though, he was just too big!

Mommy had to try making a minion!  ;-)

My niece made a fun cup!

Sammy and his cousin decorating their walking sticks

Decorating cups

Happy little rock guy!
This was so fun and simple, and you of course don't have to save it for camping.  A little walk through the back yard or park will do!

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