Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thrift Store Revamp: Table / Floor Lamp Update

I found this old wood floor lamp with a little table built in a couple months ago at a thrift store for $6.  The finish looked terrible but I really liked how the lamp slides up and down on the pole, and the screws that hold it in place are even made of wood as well.  So, I took it home and decided to give it an update.

This little "beauty" has been sitting in my studio since July, but after one of my new fangled floor lamps decided to snap off at the base last week, it became a necessary project.

The plug was super old and you could actually see bare wires in it.  So, I went out the hardware store and spent $5 on a new cord and a new plug.  You'd be really surprised just how EASY it is to install a new plug on a cord.  They make them so easy now, you don't even have to strip any wires and it takes longer to open the plug's package than it does to attach it to the cord.

I spent another $6 on a can of glossy black paint, and $3 on a brand new (Target donation) lamp shade at a thrift store.  So, the whole thing cost me about $20.  I sanded it a bit and the old varnish flaked off super easy, so prepping it was a cinch.  One can of paint did the job, and I love how it looks now!

I'm actually planning to do something more interesting on the table top, so stay tuned for more pics when I get around to that part!!

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