Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spray Paint Mania!!

I found this blog post sitting around as a draft and thought I'd finally post it...this is a little late as I did all of this work this spring.  But, even in Minnesota it still isn't too late to get yo' spray paint on!

We get pretty excited for spring to come in Minnesota and color to return to our yards.  (You may remember me planting grass seed indoors last year) Well, this year I couldn't wait for mother nature to color up my yard, so I went to town spray painting things. 

Flower pots by the front door! The two on the right were just those cheap clay pots you get at the hardware store for a few bucks.  The cute teapot one on the left was from a garage sale.  I got some clearance flowers at the hardware store and sprinkled them around in pots.
Metal furniture, all left behind from the previous homeowners (I did paint the base of the fire pit/bowl too after this shot!)
More painted flower pots! I also painted that tiki torch which was looking weathered, and the table!

The previous homeowners left us 15-20 of these plastic chairs, very beat up.  Did you know you can paint them?! YES YOU CAN!! Kryolan Fusion paint is made for plastic and even has a picture of these chairs on the can! I think I used a Rustoleum brand but there are plenty of paints to choose from that stick to plastic.  Just make sure to get them nice and clean first, and if you want to you can get plastic primer too.  These chairs have sat outside all summer and still look great months later, no chipping! I also painted some shepherd hooks to hold the lanterns.

Those planters you see on the top railing of our deck were $0.50 cents each at a garage sale.  they look cute painted and worked great for growing my herbs all summer! That yellow sun thing is made of clay and was also left behind by the previous homeowners.

More painted planters, pots, and a table on the deck
Not pictured are some plant hooks, outdoor metal wall decor, candle holders and baskets that I painted too.

So, needless to say, we have enjoyed a pretty colorful deck and yard this spring and summer!  It's AMAZING what a little spray paint can do to bring old, beaten up garage sale finds back to life.  If you have some outdoor decor or furniture around that is looking really beat up, if you're about to toss it out or give it away, what have you got to lose?  Give a can of spray paint a try.  Who knows, it may just become one of your favorite pieces!

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