Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thrift Store Find: Magazines From the 1920's

Recently I picked up a couple old magazines from the 1920's and 1950's at the thrift store for a whopping $0.55 cents each.  I thought they might be fun to decoupage on things.  I really love flipping through them and especially checking out the advertisements!  Here are just a couple I scanned today...

From "Mother's Home Life," March 1929...this poor woman lost her job because of gray hair!  "A younger woman would work more snappily!" If only she had a bottle of Wyeth's Sage & Sulphur!!

From the March 1928 issue of "Today's Woman and Home," this woman turned from a side show reptile woman to a beautiful cover girl in just three days after reading this FREE book that explains the "most astonishing German discovery in the history of beauty culture.... it's astonishing - almost beyond belief!" I also find it interesting that one of the benefits listed at the top of the ad is that you can "get rid of your TAN!"  Funny how people pay a fortune to keep a tan year round these days!

This one from the December 1954 issue of "Everywoman's" explains how you can combat those "coffee nerves" and "old coffee grouch" by simply switching to decaf!  Who'd have thought that they would ever print an ad claiming that you'll be LESS of a grouch in the morning if you wake up to decaf!

I also found an ad offering 12 day Caribbean cruises starting at just $88.70, full sets of furniture for $1 down and $4 a month...those were the days!!

There are just way too many "gems" in this magazine to scan them all right now, or to recycle them into something just yet...but I had to share a few!  Now I'm wishing I had picked up a few more issues...

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