Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Friday Finds

It's been a while since I've done some Fun Friday Finds!  Sheesh, it's about time!

Speaking of time, I love this "eye clock."  The eyeball on the left looks in the direction of the hour, while the one on the right the minute. I originally saw it in Uncommon Goods ($35) but also found on Amazon for $19.99.

These stencils look like tons of can make faces by choosing your own combination of heads, hair, eyes, hats, etc!

This cute wooden tree house toy is expensive but I've always been willing to splurge on nice, quality wood toys! I would have loved to play with this as a kid...I was so fascinated by the Swiss Family Robinson in their awesome tree house!!

I love these super sweet hats (and booties!), perfect for Halloween!


  1. LOVE your finds! The hats are great! Kerri

  2. Aren't they cute?! Of course, looking at them makes me want to MAKE them though I need another thing on my to-do list! ;-)



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