Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Much Needed Break!

Hello, friends! Wow, it's been a full WEEK since I've posted, and I've missed you all so.  I've been gone enjoying our annual fall family vacation week!  After a very busy summer of face painting gigs, freelance work, my husband traveling more than ever, toddler potty training, teething baby comforting, and a staggering somewhere-around-50-or-60 showings & 8 open houses for our home on the market, it was time for a much needed B-R-E-A-K!  I thought I'd share a few pics with you...

We started last weekend with a trip to the model train show at our state fairgrounds (big hit with our train loving toddler), and a delicious brunch at my sister and her husband's fab restaurant, Caribe Caribbean Bistro in St. Paul.

The next day we loaded up the Jeep and my dad's fishing boat and headed up north to Brainerd, where we spent 4 nights in a cozy little for-rent-by-owner cabin on Lake Gilbert.  It's been a tradition for us the past few years to rent little cabins on lakes, after Labor Day.  We figure we'll take advantage of this prime vacation time while our kiddo's are too small for school.  We always end up getting a great deal on fall rates and have no crowds anywhere!  This year the deal was even sweeter, as I emailed them a couple weeks beforehand, offering about 33% less than their current rate, and they accepted.  Major deal score! We've found that for the same price as many hotels, we get our own whole cabin, beach, dock, fire pit, grill, and this year: paddle boat and kayaks to use.

Besides a few babies I threw back, I caught one big sunfish and this bass.  Yup, I'm a girl, and I can bait my own hook, take my fish off the hook, and fry him up for dinner.  While I haven't been deer hunting or rebuilt an engine like my older sister, my dad has taught me well!

Yesterday we used a coupon I had for $4 off per person to visit the Minnesota Science Museum, where we had a blast with the boys and enjoyed a very rare opportunity to view actual pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I'm not sure who had more fun exploring the exhibits...Sammy or his daddy!
It's been a great vacation week, and I hope to have some more fun things to share with you this week now that I'm back!

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