Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Friday Finds

I'm mixing things up a bit this week.  This week's "Fun Friday Finds" post will not be online finds, but "physical" finds from the week!

Yes, you guessed it, I'm going to start with more thrift store bragging! Yesterday I got a chance to go to the Unique thrift store with my sister and found a bunch of fun stuff.  Here are just a couple deals...
 This Thomas travel case was just like new with the hang tag still on it, for less than $3.00.  It will be perfect to hold all of Sammy's engines!  It's tucked away for now, ready to come out when his train table is revealed.

I've also been collecting old 1980's Micro Machines for the boys (and stashing them away until Toby is old enough for small parts).  I remember my brother playing with Micro Machines, and already have a little city that folds up into a van-shaped carrying case, and a few cars.  The ones I've found at one Unique Thrift store were under a glass case, and about $1 each.  On this trip I found these 9 Micro Machine cars taped in a baggie to the carrying case (the black thing in the back) for under $4.  Then, I scored this awesome "Super Auto World Playset" (going for $289 on Amazon...whatever!) that also pivots on that blue piece to become more compact.  It was a whole $1.95!!  I can't wait to pull these out on some cold Minnesota day when we're snowed in, can't go to garage sales, and need something "new" to play with!

For less than $2 I picked up this vintage Fisher Price "Jolly Jumping Jack" dated 1969 for Toby.  When you pull the red ring, the arms and legs go up and down, eyes move, and it squeaks.  It's really cute and works great, and the stickers and hanging strap are in great condition too!

Today my mom and I also attended the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, where we found so many really creative ideas for turning old thrift store finds and antiques into new treasures.  It was really a fun and inspirational outing!!  I posted a few initial photos on my Junk Mail Gems blog, and plan to share more photos of individual vendors in the days to come.  Check back at that blog for more great ways to repurpose your great thrifty finds!!

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