Thursday, September 30, 2010

ID Mommy Bargains: Garage Sale Finds of the week

Okay, so I only got to get out to two sales today that I could squeeze in with my other errands, but I was excited to find this great score today....the whole vintage Fisher Price  farm for $5!  There's just something awesome about a toy that still makes the sound of a cow moo-ing, 30 years later, without any batteries.
There was a guy at the sale, probably in his late 30's, who got all sentimental when he saw that his mom was selling his barn!  He had to open the door..."does it still make the cow sound?!"  I assured him it was going to a good home and would be well loved!  I've been watching out for these vintage Fisher Price toys for my boys and we now have the school house, bus, family house, a little village, and now the farm, each for $5 or less.  They just don't make 'em like this anymore!  Today's "Little People" toys are very cute and also well made, but they seem to take up way more space too.  I like how these are compact, battery-free, and really built to last!

Another great deal I got earlier this week, I don't have a photo yet, but was from a thrift store.  I found a Rubbermaid bin full of Micro Machines fold-up cities, boats, roads, etc and more vehicles for $6.97!  Can't wait to pull those out for the boys to play with, once they are both beyond putting things in their mouths!

Okay, better get back to work...just had to share today's find!  If you live in the Twin Cities, are looking for a deal on used kids' stuff, and aren't up to garage sales today, be sure to head on over to Southdale mall in Edina for the "Just Between Friends" sale going on right NOW!

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