Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday Finds!

It's been a while since I've posted some Fun Friday Finds! Here are a few for this week!

I love this open/closed necklace!  As a mom who also freelances from home, the lines are so easily blurred between work and family time.   This would be a great way to make it clear what mode I'm in no matter where I am!  ($60, on sale now for $39.99 at Uncommon Goods)

I finally got a case for my iPhone last week, as I was horrified to notice my first tiny chip in the glass on the edge.  I've been saving this one on my Amazon wish list and got can put Legos on the back! I plan to have fun customizing mine for holidays and seasons, but for now I just have a few primary colored pieces stuck to mine.  You can get them in black, clear, and white:

This cupcake bike bell is so yummy!  It would be perfection on my baby blue Electra Townie bike!!  I found it on Pinterest, and the post of course led me on a wild goose chase of broken links and out of stock products.  But, I ended up finding it here on Amazon!

This is another Pinterest find...a fabulous blog post with a full education on blue jeans that will help you avoid the dreaded "long Mom butt!!"

And last but not least...I don't know about you but I've grown tired of digging through my cabinets trying to find a packet of taco seasoning, only to find that I'm out, and then having to go waste more money on a teeny packet of powder.  So, I tried this recipe to make my own big batch of taco seasoning that I now keep in a jar and always have on hand! Buy the spices individually in bulk at Whole Foods and save a TON TON TON of money! Next up, I'm going to try a few onion soup mix recipies...stay tuned!

 Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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