Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Kids' Art Gallery Wall

Over the past couple weeks I decided to make a little art gallery wall in our home for the kids' art.  I remembered seeing some ideas for organizing and displaying jewelry via framed pieces of cork board, and thought that could work well for the boys' artwork too.

I picked up a few frames from thrift stores, and specifically looked for ones with unique shapes and/or ornate textures.  I probably spent around $15 total on all of these frames.

I took out the glass and spray painted each frame with some cheap, matte black spray paint from the hardware store.  Then I cut pieces of cork to fit each frame (I had a stash of cork squares and old cork boards that I had also purchased from thrift stores in the past), and put a couple coats of white paint on the cork.  I just used some left-over white wall paint from a previous house painting project.  (A little tip, use the glass or the cardboard backer from each frame as your stencil to draw the shape you need to cut out of the cork.)

Once all the paint had dried on both the frames and cork, I re-assembled them (minus the glass) and arranged them on the wall.  It turned out pretty cute, and now I can easily rotate the kids' work on display, and give it a little bit more noble display area than the fridge!

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