Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 11 things I'd like for Mother's Day (in no particular order)

1. A date with my husband [more than twice a year]

2. One full Thursday of garage sale-ing that is not limited by full bladders, full diapers, empty tummies, car seat buckles, strollers, and nap times.

3. Hugs, Kisses, and homemade cards from my sweet, sweet boys that involve hand prints, glitter, macaroni, and all that priceless, cheesy stuff that I admit I love. (photo above via)

4. 24 hours at home [by myself]

5. A visit from the magical potty training fairy

6. This super awesome overpriced refrigerator  [yeah, right! And yes, it plugs in, but no, I don't mind.]

7. Everybody to clean up after themselves for just. one. day.

8. Somebody else to take over the kids' morning "getting dressed & fed" routine and evening "getting into bed" routines for a week so I can just do the funnest parts in the middle. [spell check did not underline "funnest'...proof enough for me that it's a real word]

9. A completed honey-do list [who am I kidding...can someone complete MY to-do list?]

10. An opportunity to go to the bathroom without an audience. [I'm flattered, but would prefer not to scar you for life, boys!]

11. A chance for my alarm clock to be the one to wake me up. [can I set it for noon?]


  1. Oh my goodness...I'll take 2 of each!

  2. I looked at the frig! You little '50's retro woman you! If I would win the lottery I'd buy that for you. Maybe we can help you have one of those "husband dates" soon. Come on down to Lakeville and pick a place down here for a nice dinner... Chateau Lamothe?.. Casa Nostra? Tenderloin? and leave the cuties with us. I recall having a similar list. I know it doesn't help much now and seems like the time's going SLOW but you won't believe how quickly those boys will get big and grow tall and time to yourself will increase. You will look back on these times and I'm happy you are home with them now as you'll have no regrets that you worked too much and missed all these moments. It's still the toughest job in the world tho... and YOU are doing a fantastic super job at it!

  3. OH, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Just daydreaming a little. Time is definitely flying by...I wish my boys could stay my pocket-sized little cuties forever! :-)

  4. Hi sweetie,

    Your top 10 looked a little more than 10.

    Love you,

  5. Oops!! He he...thanks for the catch, Dad! I forgot I was going to delete one and make it 10. Well, I kinda like them all so I'll just change the heading. ;-)



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