Monday, May 9, 2011

Designer Desks to Support Orphans' Education in Nepal

Check out these great desks, designed and built by 11 New York wood workers, artists and architects to support the education of orphans in Nepal.  The desks will be auctioned off on May 12th at the Kids of Kathmandu’s fund raising event! (via DesignWire)

The designers:
Mark Righter of Cambium Studio,
Daniel Moyer of Daniel Moyer Design,
Brian DeRosia,
Stephanie Beamer and Lauren Maccuaig of MADE,
Eric Manigian,
Andrew Rumpler of Nine Stories Furniture Co.,
Andrew Raible of Standard41,
Ben Strear of Strear Built,
Bill Hilgendorf of Uhuru,
Alejandro Cabrera and James Cohen of Wadaly,
James Harmon of Workshop,

1 comment:

  1. wow! "if I had a million dollars"- those are beautiful desks!! Glad they are being used for the "greater good"!!



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