Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easter Eggs that "WOW!"

 I've got the spring itch really bad this year.  So bad that a couple days ago I planted some grass seed in a little planter in hopes of seeing some green soon.  Well, okay, I figured it might be a cool "live" Easter decoration...I'll post pics if it turns out.  Maybe it's the fact that we've had record snowfall this year, or because we've barely had any above-freezing stretches all winter...or maybe it's because we just moved to a lake and I am dying to see rippling water overtake the snow and ice.  Whatever the reason, I've already put out my Easter decorations even though it's not until the end of April!

So, in an effort to get you all thinking warm, green thoughts of spring and Easter, I'm posting some cool Easter egg decorating techniques today!

Silk Tie Eggs
This looks like such an awesome technique, I can't wait to try it!  It utilizes silk ties, so it's a great way to clean the unwanted ties out the closets of the men in your life, or a fun thing to shop for the next time you go to the thrift store.  Last time I was at Goodwill I picked up several with "silver" tags, which were 50% off that day, and now I'm counting down until egg coloring time! I'll be sure to post photos of my process and let you know if it works.

After coming across this on the web, I thought I'd surf a little more and see what other unique egg decorating ideas I could find.  Here are a few that stood out...

Onion-Dyed Nature Eggs

While you're raiding the closet for ties, grab an old pair of nylons and try these great eggs too!  The link says to use onion skins and boil the eggs for 2 hours to get this look.  I wonder if you could do the same with regular egg dye?  I was wondering how I'd find leaves like this in Minnesota, being that everything green is still buried under feet of snow.  But, I do have a little fern in the house I might try.

Lace Eggs
Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with some beautiful Easter eggs.  Check out her lace eggs here. Pretty!!

Marbled Eggs
 My mom always used to make these really pretty marbled eggs with special dye that came in little glass bottles with rabbit-head-shaped caps on them.  She'd fill a glass bowl with water, then drip the dye into the water.  The dye floated on top, and she'd swirl the egg around while lowering it, then pull it out.  The dye was kindof oily and sticky.  They seem to have disappeared from the market...she's been unable to find them and after Googling it, it seems that many other people are having the same problem.  But, I was able to find this tutorial to make them yourself with ingredients on hand.  So, Mom, give this one a try and let me know how it turns out!


  1. OH WOW the silk ones look beautiful!!! Once you use a tie, is it useable again on more eggs or does it deplete itself on one? just curious if you can do several eggs with one piece of fabric.

    AND on the swirly dye.. YAY! I definitely WILL TRY THAT!! I printed it out and will let you know how it works. Sure seems simple!!! I miss coloring them that way. It was fun to do with my mom when we were little and with you kids when you were little. Messy and permanent but FUN! Thanks!

  2. If you click that link to the tutorial, it says you can use it more than once, but it doesn't work as well so they didn't recommend it. Let us know how your swirly dye eggs work out!



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