Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun Magnetic Frig Toys!

Recently I've come across some really fun frig toys and thought I'd share some links, as they'd make some great Christmas gifts for your little ones!

These "Frigits" toys offer a series of rails, chutes, buckets, and wheels that attach to your frig with magnets, allowing your child to set up a fun path for the marble to follow.  I think if I get this for Sammy, I just might end up playing with it just as much myself!
Frigits OriginalFrigits Extension - LauncherFrigits Extension - CornersFrigits Extensions Corner and Launcher Combo

There are also some pretty fun looking gear sets out there that can be arranged on the fridge via magnets as well.
Tomy Gearation Refrigerator MagnetsFridgigearsFridge Gears

We have the little Leap Frog farm magnet set which is a lot of fun too.  I picked this one up at a garage sale for $4, complete with all of the letters.  The idea is to match the front and back of each animal, and then when you push them in it plays a song about that animal.  The most fun part though, I think anyway, is to make mixed animals and hear the song sing about a "cow-horse," etc! ;-)
LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set
Leap Frog also has other fun frig sets to learn letters, build words, etc...
Fridge Words Magnetic Word BuilderLeapFrog Fridge Wash & Go Magnetic Vehicle SetLeapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set

I picked up one of these little Zero-Gravity frig rover cars on our trip up north this past fall for Sammy's stocking...it's basically like a wind-up toy with a magnet on it, so when you wind it up, it drives up the frig door!  I think I'll probably test it on the side of our fridge first though, just to be sure that it doesn't leave any kind of scratched path behind it!

I like having a couple fun frig toys to rotate and keep my kids' interest.  They always love to hang out with Mommy while I'm trying to make a meal, and this helps keep them occupied and away from the temptation of hot stoves and sharp knives!!

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