Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cookies to Make With The Kids: "Chocolate Blobs!"

Okay, so this one is probably better categorized as a candy than a cookie, but they look good on any cookie tray!  This is another one I remember making as a kid with my mom, and it doesn't require any baking.

All you need is a package of almond bark (chocolate and/or vanilla), and some toppings (m&m's, sprinkles, nuts, pretzels, etc).

Break up the almond bark into pieces and melt it in the microwave per package directions. 
 Here's Sammy helping to stir the chocolate.  Stirring and pouring in ingredients are the main things that he is able to "help" with at his age and he loves it!  Well, that and a chance to wear his cool blue dinosaur apron.  (scored at a garage sale of course)

 Now Mommy pours little blobs of chocolate on a wax-paper-lined cookie sheet  (hence my very scientific name: "chocolate blobs"), and then your kids can "decorate" the blobs with whatever toppings you desire!  Unfortunately my wonderful selection of Christmas sprinkles is packed away somewhere unknown from our move that didn't happen, so we didn't have much for sprinkles.  But, they turned out just fine with the fluorescent green ones I did have on hand!
 Ours went something like, "one m&m for Sammy, one for the cookies, 2 m&m's for Sammy..."

You can do this with white chocolate or vanilla bark as well.  Then maybe you could pretend they are snow blobs. 

Once they are decorated, just let them cool and harden on the counter...they don't take long.  If you really want them done FAST, just slip them in the frig for a few minutes, and then peel off of the wax paper and enjoy!

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