Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Friday Product Finds

TGIF! I thought I'd share some favorite posts that I mooched off of some of my favorite blogs...enjoy this great Friday eye candy!  It's fat free, zero calories, and 100% of your daily value of creative goodness!

"Cornered" by James Laurie
Check out this great cup designed to catch spiders in the corner of the room! (via LikeCool)

Chalkboard Fridge by Danny Seo
Here's a use for chalkboard paint that I haven't seen before!  Although, it does make great sense...the frig is the family message center for many households. Just don't wear black and bump into the frig! (via DesignMom)

"Lunch Punch" Sandwich Cutters
What tastes better than peanut butter & jelly?  Why, pb&j shaped like animals and puzzle pieces, of course!  Why bother taking the time to cut off the crust just to have a boring square, when you can cut your kiddo's sandwich into these fun shapes?!  Of course you could do this with any cookie cutter I'm sure.  I just love the name "Lunch Punch!"
(via Inhabitots

Lunch Punch Puzzle Shape Sandwich Cutters (Set of 4)

Boon "Grass" Drying Rack
I LOVE this drying rack. I'm totally putting it on my mental to-buy list.  Finally something that doesn't look totally ugly on my countertop!! $20 at Sprout Baby. (via The Green Mom Review)

"Stop Copying Me!" Onesie Set by Wry Baby
For those of you who have twins, this is a hilarious set of must-have onesies!

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  1. LOVE the lunch puzzle. I've used other cookie cutters to make puzzles out of bologna & cheese & Lucia loves to put them together. But the puzzle pieces are so cute!



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