Thursday, April 22, 2010

Childhood Comfort Items: Send Me Your Photos!

So about an hour ago, my 3-month-old started getting cranky and showing signs of needing a nap.  I took him down to his bassinet, only to find it occupied by my 2-year-old's favorite comfort item: "Puppy."  How on earth could I possibly disturb Puppy, who had been so very lovingly tucked into bed with a throw pillow under his head and humidifier turned on?  I just couldn't do napped upstairs in his crib instead.

I can't tell you how many cute photos I have of Sammy and his Puppy, a blankie-slash-stuffed animal hybrid.  This recent moment reminded me that for quite some time now I've been wanting to compile a photo book of friends and family's own security items.  Wouldn't that make the cutest coffee table book?  I'm picturing photos of little kids sucking their thumb while cuddling their favorite stuffed animal, chewing on the corner of a ratty blanket, or in Sammy's case, dipping Puppy's nose into his cereal bowl to feed him some breakfast. 

I would absolutely love it if you would be a part of this little project!  My plan is really just to make a little book because I haven't seen any out there like this and think it would be fun to have.  I would likely self publish it like I have with my face painting books, and anyone who has submitted a photo for the book would have the opportunity to order however many you want at just the cost to print it.

Are you willing to send me a photo?  Your photo would have to be of a decent size, resolution, and clarity to print well, but I can do some Photoshop editing if needed as well.  If you are willing to send me a photo of yourself, your child, and anyone you know with their "lovey," or even just a photo of the security item by itself, that would be awesome!!  It doesn't have to be clean and washed and sparkling.  The more "loved" it looks, the better.  Photos can be emailed to gretchen(at)gretchenfleener(dot)com.  Please include the object's name if it has one (ie, "blankie"), the child's name (first name only, if you're willing to share) and feel free to share any fond memories or other adventures you've had with the item.  (Keep in mind that by sending me your photo, you are giving me permission to print it in this little project and publish it!)  Don't have a photo but you want to share a memory or story?  That's great too...just shoot me an email!

I can't say how long it will take to complete, as that will depend on how many people participate and how quickly you all get me your pictures, but if I can get enough photos/stories to make this a decent size book, I think it would be a really fun way to immortalize your "loveys" and share them with the world! I will keep you all posted on this project's process through my blog, and maybe even share some photos along the way!  Thanks in advance for your participation in this mission to "immortalize the blankie" and help their stories live on beyond the thumb sucking years! :-)

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