Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thrift Vicariously through ME! I.D. Mommy Shop is Now OPEN!

As many of you faithful ID Mommy followers already know, I love thrift shopping.  Over the course of this past year, I have come across a lot of fun vintage, retro finds while searching for things to complement my new 1950's style kitchen makeover.  During this process, I have found myself accumulating some things that I didn't end up using myself, or just thought would be perfect for someone else's kitchen with a different era theme.

SO, to prevent my home from appearing on an episode of "Hoarders," I've decided to give Etsy another chance and open up a shop to sell my funky vintage finds to those of you who don't have the time, energy, or obsession with thrifting to find them yourself!

It's taken me a while to finally get stuff up there, but literally within 1 hour of opening my shop today, I sold an item.  So, while this likely was just a fluke, you may want to check it out while there is still a selection! ;-)  Below are some photos of a few of the items I have up for sale right now.  I of course plan to keep adding things, so be sure to check back often! I've also added a link to the shop on the right column of this blog.

Vintage Tupperware measuring cups

Awesome ceramic ash tray - fits with my kitchen but I don't smoke!

Cool copper colored plastic tumblers
 Got anything in particular you're always looking for?  Let me know and I'll look for you!  Seriously, I'm always looking for reasons to make my thrift store rounds.

Love these yellow salad tongs!
The more you buy, the more excuses I have to go out thrift shopping!  I hope you enjoy thrifting vicariously through me! :-)

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