Monday, October 29, 2012

A little Tip for Gaining Freezer Space

As I'm starting to think about baking Christmas cookies, I realized my freezer is already PACKED. Time to buckle down and eat up freezer food and defrost the freezers! I thought I'd share this one little idea I recently came up with to gain back space.
(Bake 20-24 minutes at 425 degrees)
Do you have boxed frozen good items like fish sticks, egg rolls, chicken nuggets, etc? Do you often use a few and put the rest back in the freezer, creating dead, wasted space with a half empty box? Try putting the left overs in a bag instead, labeled with the cooking time & temperature. Or better yet, if the food is bagged inside the box, I simply toss the box and recycle a bread tab to close it (above), writing the baking time and temp on the tab. You'd be amazed how much space you can get back!

Not sure you'll be able to identify the food in the bag? Simply cut out the description/name/photo from the cardboard box and slip it inside the bag with the food.  If there are more baking instructions than can fit on a bread tab, you can always cut out the panel that has the instructions too.

Voila!  Extra space to fill with actual food!

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