Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick Picnic Lunch Tip!

Here's a quick little tip for you to use this summer!  This is our lunch that I packed this morning for our "family fun day" trip to the beach.   I wasn't quite prepared as I didn't have all of our ice packs frozen in time, so I used a bunch of freeze pops instead.  Works just as well as ice, if your cooler is kept cold enough the kids can snack on them, and if they melt you can simply stick them back in the freezer when you get home! (Don't forget to pack a little pair of scissors!)

Have a great weekend and keep's a hot one, at least here in MN today!

(and in case you don't have freeze pops on hand, here are some cool ice packs worth checking out, including sweat free ice packs and freeze-able containers and lunch bags!  Click on the images for Amazon links.  And if you want to try the Fla-Vor-Ice freeze pops like we did, you can also find them can get a case of 200 pops for around $11 bucks!)

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