Monday, June 4, 2012

Low-Tech Throwback iPhone Cases for we 30-something Moms!

iPhone haters love to comment on how unoriginal people are for wanting an iPhone, when everybody else has one.  Well, I say, everybody has one for a reason...but you can still express your own original style with the enormous selection of cases out there!  I have found that there are so many really unique cases out there that are so cheap, you can even afford to have a few and swap them out to fit your mood.

Here are a few fun ones, a couple of which I already own, that I think are fun choices.  The theme for this post is low-tech....cases that disguise your high tech smartphone as low tech throwbacks from your childhood! (I apologize for the small photos...thought I'd use some Amazon links to make it easy for you to find them too!)

I have one of these above that look just like a cassette tape.  It's silicone, so not as protective as a hard case.  But, it sure turns a lot of heads!  It looks super realistic and is extremely cheap at less than $2 on Amazon! I'm thinking about taking a ballpoint pen to it and writing some sort of disc title on the title line.  ;-)

Here's another throwback to old technology...the Gameboy:

The Etch-a-Sketch and Lego cases are super fun too.  I love the idea of disguising one of the ultimate electronic toys as an old school toy that doesn't require batteries...

I actually own the white Lego one is made by Small Works, not Lego officially, but you can stick your standard Lego bricks on the back!  I have a few colorful, flat Lego bricks on mine and it looks so fun!! I just love the idea of being able to swap out the Legos to make different shapes, match your mood, or even go festive for holidays!   It does not come with any Legos, but if you have kiddo's, I'd be willing to bet you can get your hands on some.  You can get them in other colors too, I believe, including clear.

I really want to get this one below, which is silicone but has a hole pattern in it that allows you to do your own cross stitch pattern on it.  Love this idea to do a Mario Brothers scene...the pixelated graphics lend themselves perfectly to cross stitch:

Be warned, however, that some of these cases may make you feel old when your kid asks, "what's that supposed to be?!"

Feel free to post a comment if you have any you personally like!


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  1. I'm kind of sad right now. I don't know why but the images aren't loading on my computer. I would have loved to have seen the iphone cases that looked like a cassette tape and the GameBoy. Although I am only 25, I grew up with them (and still have/play the original GameBoy). With that said, I think anyone over the age of 21, not just 30-something year old moms would enjoy these. I will have to check back later on a different computer to see if I can view the images.



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