Monday, May 7, 2012

ID Mommy Tip: Road Trip Entertainment

Here's a little tip! The other day I was tossing another cereal box into the recycle bin and had a thought...why not cut out and save all the back panels with puzzles and games on them? They'll make perfect road trip entertainment and the stuff cardboard is perfect for drawing on your lap!

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  1. That is an awesome idea! I would have never thought about saving the back of the boxes for trips. I always just let them pack their own backpacks full of activities and they love it because they are choosing what they want to bring. I bring my iPad as well, so they can play games, watch movies, and watch TV through the Dish Remote Access app. With the Sling Adapter hooked up to, my receiver the kids can access all our subscription channels live anywhere we can get a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The kids love being able to watch all their favorite shows on the road. I am so glad a co-worker from Dish told me about this app because it keeps the kids quiet for hours. I will have to remember the cereal boxes from now on and see if they enjoy that.



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