Thursday, April 12, 2012

Helping Myself Remember Vitamins!

Here's a completely random idea.  Maybe it'll help you too...

I always have a hard time remembering my multi-vitamins.  When I leave the ugly bottle sitting out on the countertop, I usually remember.  But then there's the ugly bottle on the countertop.  Last week, after dusting off and re-locating an empty antique canning jar for the umpteenth time, I finally put two and two together. 

Now I store my vitamins in this jar, which looks much cooler so I don't mind it sitting in plain view, and being able to SEE the vitamins every morning jogs my groggy, pre-coffee memory to take them!
Plus, this jar came out of some dusty boxes of cool antique stuff my Dad gave me from his shed attic, so that makes it doubly cool...

If you feel the need to keep the ingredient list or directions, you can always stash away the empty bottle somewhere or write the info you need on a piece of masking tape on the bottom of the jar.  Now just make sure to keep them way out of little ones' reach! ID Mommy cannot be held responsible for kiddo's who mistake vitamins for candy!! ;-)

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