Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun Fall Projects: LEAVES!

Yesterday we were in the 80's...last night some big winds blew in, and we're in the 60's.  I think fall has officially blown in!  Fall is my favorite season yet it never lasts long enough in Minnesota.  So, we try to take advantage of the cooler temperatures with outdoor activities, and celebrate with fall bbq's and of course fall projects with the kids!  I've recently become addicted to the instant creative gratification overload that Pinterest provides, thanks to my wonderful friend Michelle, and as a result I am posting a bunch of fun looking leaf-themed fall projects to do with the kids that I found there!

These wax paper fall leaves look really fun and easy, and a great way to use those little stubs of broken crayons in the bottom of your crayon bucket. 

These decorated leaves look like a really fun and easy idea.  This blogger used paints and a brush, but these could easily be done with paint pens, similar to the rocks we did this summer:

Here's a cool way to make prints using leaves:

This looks SO cool and I can't wait to try it...marbled leaves using acrylic paint and shaving cream!

I used to make stuff out of salt dough all the time as a kid.  Here's a cool way to incorporate leaves by making prints in the salt dough:

This is another easy, fun idea that doesn't require a lot of work or tools...glue leaves to paper and then use your creativity to turn them into fun animals and people!
 Or, you can use just the leaves themselves to make leaf animal collages:

Here's something you could hang on your front door year after year...an initial made with fall leaves.  This one uses those dyed leaves you can get at craft stores, which I'd recommend, as real leaves would quickly turn brown and crumble...
And don't forget about some of my previous projects that utilize leaves....an outdoor nature collage and a cool fall leaf placemat!

Okay, so if you've been to Pinterest you know you can probably find hundreds of fall leaf related crafts, but these were a few favorites I found recently.  I'll post some more fall project ideas later and try to group them by theme.  In the meantime, have fun with some leaves and enjoy this weather while it lasts!

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