Thursday, July 7, 2011

ID Mommy Project: Rock Painting

My Father's Day post got me thinking about rock painting.  But what can you do with painted rocks besides give them as priceless, treasured gifts? Well, besides just giving your kids a different surface to color on, here are a few ideas that came to my mind:

- Paint X's and O's on them for a fun indoor/outdoor tic-tac-toe game
- Spray paint them gold and make a treasure hunt with a map (my mom did this!)
- Use them to mark and label what veggies are growing in your garden
- Use them as garden/landscaping decorations
- Make custom paperweights

We ended up just making random images on them, used some for the garden and some just to play with. I decided to do this because I knew a rainy day was coming.  So, the day before we picked some rocks out of the landscaping and washed them off.

This way they had overnight to dry well, and the next day we painted them.

I got some paint pens at the craft store and we went to town on our rocks!  Here (above) Sammy is drawing some fire.

He wanted me to paint a fireman, a fire truck, and a hose:
After they were done I sprayed them with a clear Krylon spray to protect the artwork.

When the weather cleared up, we put a few in the garden, which looked cute as decorations in with the stepping stones!

Sammy also had fun picking them up and moving them around with his trucks!
So, see, you CAN have fun with just a pile of rocks!!

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