Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Friday Finds

Wow, it's been a while since I've done this, hasn't it?!  This tells me I need to slow down and spend a little more "me" time exposing myself to cool, inspirational stuff, which is how I come across my Fun Friday Finds.  So, here are a few for this week!

One of my designer friends who always has her finger on the pulse of the design world recently shared this cool product on Facebook...a vertical, self-watering garden.  Wouldn't it make a cool room divider?

Here's a kid related product design...Cap-Sack Kids! Sortof a fanny pack for your head, although these have replaced the function of making your butt look big with the much more useful function of keeping the sun out of your eyes. (Via Cool Hunting)

Well now, these little sushi memo pads are just cute, aren't they? (without the threat of salmonella of course) (via Josh Spear)

Love these 1950's style ads for 21st century technology created by agency "Moma São Paulo." (via ReubenMiller)

That's all for this week folks...have yourselves a wonderful weekend!!

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