Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dandelion Day! How to make Yarn Dandelions and Dandelion Curls!

Yesterday I had the honor of being a special guest again on my church's daily kids' "Lunch Break!" Since things are greening up and dandelions are popping out, I thought I'd do a dandelion theme. We did two fun dandelion related activities:

We made dandelions out of yarn & pipe cleaners, and added some paper leaves!

Then we did something super cool...something you canNOT find on the internet anywhere until now, not even on Pinterest! Well, maybe you will now that I have posted it. But anyway, we made "Dandelion Curls."

My curly boy Toby with his bucket-o-curls!

This is something my mom taught me, and her mom taught her. It's just a really simple and fun activity for kids of all ages in the summer! If you peel a dandelion stem lengthwise, and drop it into a dish of warm water, they curl up super fun!! I never know what to do with them afterwards, so today I arranged them into a dandelion guy, haha!

To see the video of our lunch break activities and how to make the flowers AND curls, visit EPAG Kids Elementary Church on Facebook! We had some technical difficulties and had to start the Zoom session over, so this lunch break is broken up into two parts. Watch the first one if you want, but the video quality gets better as we finish our flowers & do the curls in part two!

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