Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Fools 2014!

The boys and I had a little fun with a couple harmless April fools pranks this year! Here's what we did, so you can be prepared for next year!

It only took a quick trip to the grocery store to prepare for these fun little pranks.  First, we bought a leek and put it in the bathroom.  (And the boys learned what a leek was!)  When Daddy got home, the boys screamed, "Daddy!  There's a leek in the bathroom! You have to come fix it now!!)

"There's a LEEK in the bathroom!"
 He could tell something was up so that one didn't fool him, but did get a great laugh!!

For our next little prank, we actually did "get" daddy!!  We mixed up a bowl of candy that included m&m's, Reese's Pieces and Skittles!  We set it on the counter and it wasn't long before Daddy took a handful.  The first handful was just m&m's and Reese's, which isn't bad.  But the second helping had a Skittle or two, which totally messes with your taste buds! ;-)

Candy confusion!

This one didn't trick anyone because the boys have seen it before, but I thought that "dirt & worms" would be a fitting dessert with our dinner that night.  I made some Oreo pudding with a gummy worm hiding in each cup...
Dirt & Worms!!
 It was a fun day for the boys...the whole night they kept making up things to say. ("Mommy! All of your plants died! April fools! HAhahahah!") 

Last year we cut some letter E's out of brown paper, put them in a pan, and told Daddy that we made "brown-e's!"  A couple years ago Sam and I made a fake hot chocolate spill by mixing school glue with a little brown paint, pouring it on wax paper, sticking some marshmallows in it and letting it dry!  :-)

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