Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

My littlest little man just turned 3, and it was quite obvious that we had to do a Mickey themed birthday party for him!  Here are some photos of what we did!

The Invitation:
I found this design online and totally copied it, so I can take no credit.  I found a few versions of the same design though so I'm guessing a lot of people copied each other! Ha!  Well, I liked how simple and graphic it was...

The Decorations
I had to make this sign for the door on my computer!  I got the free Disney script font, here!

Our chalkboard painted door came in handy once again!
Usually I try to avoid spending a lot of money on licensed character party stuff, and try to make most of it myself.  But, sometimes I'll find ONE thing that's really worth it that I can't pass up...

I got this awesome Mickey balloon on Amazon and had it filled by my local dollar store.

 Toby absolutely flipped over this huge Mickey walker balloon.  We even had to get out another folding chair so that Mickey could sit next to Toby at the table!

I made a few other decorations with stuff I had on hand in my studio...
Construction paper #3
Hanging Mickey pants! (Printed off of my computer and sandwiched some yarn between two glued copies)

Oh Toodles! Another thing I pulled off Google Images and glued to a piece of yarn.

I found these window paint markers at the dollar store and put Mickey ears on the windows.  So fun and cheap!

The Food
Well, between Toby's love for hot dogs and Mickey's "Hot Dog Song," it was pretty clear what we should have for the main dogs!  It was actually surprisingly fun to have hot dogs and brats right off the grill on the coldest day of the year!  We had some fruit, veggies, and chips too.
Hot Diggity Dogs!
Ever since his brother's birthday a month ago, Toby has been asking for a Mickey cake.  So, I made a Mickey cake.  And he didn't eat any of it!  But, it was tasty!
Mickey cake!

I found a lot of fun Mickey cookie ideas online and made these (below).  The big circles are Oreos.  If you get double stuffed, you'll have more room to stick the ears in. For the ears I bought miniature Oreos, took them apart, and then stuck the individual wavers into the frosting of the big cookie.  Then I dipped them in melted chocolate almond bark.  I wanted to dip the bottom in red, but my candy melts got all stiff.  So, I had to spread the red on with a knife, then stuck in some candy I found by the sprinkles in the baking aisle.  They would have looked a little nicer if I could dip the red, but they still turned out pretty cute!
Mickey cookies! Oreos, mini oreos, and almond bark

The Activities
I always do two simple activities: Coloring pages (the kids can do at any time throughout the party), and a pinata (which helps them fill their own goodie bags!). 
Coloring sheets (found via Google images), bowl of crayons, and the pinata!

A birthday's not a birthday without a pinata in our house.  Click here to see how I made this one.

 The goodie bags

I got a little pack of bags at Target and made Mickey and Minnie ear stickers for each kid with their name, using Walt Disney Script.  Months ago I picked up some Mickey and Minnie cups at Walgreens, and some little pencil pouches from Target.  I added a bouncy ball and a little car eraser to each bag (found in brand new, unopened packages at the thrift store donated from Target), and then the kids filled them with pinata candy later in the night!

It was a great party and my little birthday boy clearly was having a blast with his Mickey party fun and his cousins!  I hope this helps give you a few ideas if you have an upcoming Mickey themed party! Here are a few other fun Amazon links to get the ideas flowing....

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  1. What a bunch of great ideas!!!! You amaze me all the time.



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